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Woody Allen – Retiring? …...

Woody Allen – Retiring? … Not!

by Roger Chartier¬† 6-28-2012 Woody Allen Really was born as “Allan Stewart Konigsberg” on December 1, 1935. Woody spent his life as a writer and comedian as well as producing some great films… oh and he does play the clarinet very well. Today in Paris he replied to a question about retirement soon as “I’m […]

Where is the temperature good for ret...

Where is the temperature good for retirement?

Aha!¬† The temperature! The outside air temperature and weather is on some folks minds when they think about retiring. That is if they don’t just stay put where they live right now. There are several spots that could be of better temperate service to you than where you are living and let me list a […]

New Retirement Idea!

New Retirement Idea!

I love the idea of retiring right now! But it won’t happen. I have a very few years to go yet. With friends though, I look at the numbers right now and I am a bit thrown off by what I see. Some folks haven’t planned anything at all. In England the typical 50-year-old Briton, […]