Plan for retirement

by Roger Chartier 7-15-2012

She did it to help the St. Genevieve High School raise money on Friday and Saturday night.

Helen Reddy who was living in Australia as a clinical hypnotherapist, for the last ten years decided to come to America and do the musical benefit for the school.

She had major hit songs such as “Delta Dawn”, “You and Me Against The World” and “I am Woman” and had retiredĀ  ten years ago.

All of this was true but she agreed to do the benefit on a phone call from Principal Dan Horn who had worked for her as a gopher in the 70’s in Los Angeles, Ca.

Reddy used the accompaniment of SGHS Jazz band and Valiant Voices for her shows that were priced at $40.00 a ticket. Rosalind Smith, a student there accompanied Helen in duets both nights.

The St. Genevieve school will end up with $20,000.00 for both shows.
Helen is also doing a club in San Diego during the trip here.

She had such a good feedback from those at her sister’s birthday party where she had sung recently that she decided to get back into singing but in a different way.

She won’t be singing the big hits but her own favorite album cuts that she found attractive to her over the years. Back in 1971 she had a hit cover of the “Jesus Christ Superstar” songĀ  “I Don’t Know How to Love Him”. The next ten years brought her three #1 hits and 15 top 40 hits.

She is 70 years old now and walks 4 miles a day and doesn’t worry about the small things that were a worry for her back in the old days.