Plan for retirement

Low interest on investments

Is what is changing things for retirees who had planned on a higher interest rate on investments.

Now things have changed and the interest rates are lowered to the point where you have to re-do the math that you had done 10 or 20 years ago  when you last planned your retirement investments.

You need to start out with a date, that is a retirement date as a goal.

If you can’t figure out the best direction to move in then use a retirement planning coach, who does not sell anything to you at all. Just coaching services.

In the past long term interest was at 5% or higher so if you had a half of a million dollars invested you could get at best $25,000 a year minus taxes.

Forget about that idea for these times.

Around 2% is the top rate you’ll get for long term investments and if so then you are doing well.

Try the plan now

Figure out the income that you will have at retirement and live on just that amount for a year to see what it would be like.

Remember that costs go up and the money does not go up unless invested but even then it doesn’t rise at the same rate as cost of living does so…

Your retirement date

Could have to change to a year or more later than planned so keep that in mind as part of your retirement planning goal for the future.
Good Luck