Plan for retirement

Younger people worry about retirement

by roger chartier

They worry more than the older folk as it stands today.

The PEW research center discovered that it is 66% of our population who are worried about funding their retirement plans. Consider that the 66% is up by 12% from back in 2002 just ten years ago.

It goes on to show us that of those who are worried it is 53% who know for sure that they will be underfunded for retirement when the time comes and that figure is up from 32% as stated for 2002.

Three years ago it was the people in their 50’s who were most worried but that age has dropped dramatically in three years to a 30 year old from the younger generation just getting married and having babies.

The great loss in the values of the homes that were bought has been the biggest contributor to the depression. The last ten years have brought the strongest change in finances for the younger people. Stocks markets are a bit up to some extent but not enough to help.

More specifically it is near 49 percent of people who are 35-44 years old who say that they won’t make it in retirement. That number is twice what it was three years ago.